PATS History


Our founders met, identified the need for a state organization and decided on the name, the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society (PATS), during the year 1975. They envisioned an organization that would be more than an athletic training association. They founded a “medical society” to address the challenges of the day (i.e. licensure), and wanted to meet its members additional interests and concerns about Athletic Training in PA.

The initial meeting of PATS (and official starting date) was June 12, 1976 at the N.A.T.A. Convention in Boston (in the Boston-Sheraton Hotel). During that first meeting, PATS appointed Acting Officers, formed a Licensure Committee, and ratified a Constitution.

The question; “who founded PATS?” may be difficult to answer accurately. However, much of the credit must go to the athletic trainers (listed below) who were present at that initial meeting in Boston, and/or who participated in key organizational activities for PATS in 1975-76. Those whose names are underlined, served as the original acting officers, or licensure committee members, or served on the first key committees (nomination, constitution & by-laws) that formalized PATS.

Their efforts will always be appreciated.

Paul Slocum, Dave Tomasi, Richard Burkholder, Joe Godek, Charles McNarron, Otho Davis, Tim Kerin, Chuck Medlar, Ted Quedenfeld, Hal Biggs, Jim Dalrymple, Phil Donley, Ron O’Neil, Bruce Vogelsong, Robert Shank, John Wogan, Eddie Sulkowski, Richard Morsch, Roberta Koerner, Paul Butler, Rod Bimpson, Kip Smith, Francis Stannard, John Powell, Jim McKenzie, Steve Bair, Joe Iezzi, Dan Kaegerreis, Harvey Emmert, Tom Murphy, Joe DiBlasio, Davis Dunbar, Carmel Bonito, Ken Carson, Richard Crey, Mark Keppler, Beth Bisbano, Donald Frey, Gareth Biser.


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