PA State Credentialing


The Medical Practice Act & The Osteopathic Medical Practice Act. These Laws grant Athletic Trainers the ability to practice athletic training in PA and establish the definitions for athletic trainers (Section 51.1 and 7.1). **These Acts will be updated consistent with the athletic training licensure bills (Senate Bills 957 / 967) which were signed by Governor Corbett on December 22nd, 2011 as Act 123 and Act 124. These Acts officially became law on February, 20th, 2012 and recognize athletic trainers officially as LICENSED health care professionals within the Commonwealth.

Athletic Trainer’s Rules and Regulations

State Board of Medicine and the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine Rules and Regulations. These documents further define the certification and practice standards of athletic trainers (Subchapter H). They were adopted July 13, 2007, and effective July 14, 2007. The Rules and Regulations are in revision by the PA State Board of Medicine and State Board of Osteopathic Medicine secondary to the passage of Acts 123 and 124(Athletic Training Licensure)


PA State Board of Medicine

PA State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

Professional and Vocational Standards of Athletic Trainers



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