PATPAC- Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Political Action Committee was established in 2011 for support of candidates who are sensitive to the issues that affect the athletic training profession. PATPAC is connected to PATS but is a group that provides campaign contributions to approved office holders and candidates on behalf of PATS. The PATPAC members include Julie Ramsey Emrhein, chair; Scott Heinerichs, treasurer; and Aaron Hand. Although the PATPAC is crucial to supporting the interests of the athletic training profession, the voluntary contributions of members of PATS are the only legal source of funds.


PATPAC Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Political Action Committee (PATPAC) mission is crucial to supporting the legislative interests of the athletic training profession in Pennsylvania through the voluntary monetary contributions of the members of PATS.  The PATPAC will be cognizant and supportive of office holders and candidates who are sensitive to the issues that affect the athletic training profession, regardless of their political association.


PATPAC Vision Statement

The PATPAC, in combination with The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society’s Board of Directors, Governmental Affairs Committee and Public Relations Committee, will continue to explore, create, develop and deliver opportunities for the members of the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’
Society membership to gain access to supportive legislation for the benefit of the profession.  PATPAC will provide the members of the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society with complete transparency and accountability while raising and spending funds for political action.

If you would like to make a contribution to the PATPAC, please refer to the donation card (attached). If you have any questions, please contact: Dave Marchetti and/or Aaron Hand at


PAT PAC Contributors


Lori Andress, Matthew Clark, Brian Duke, Stephanie Erlandson, Kristen Gaucker, Jacqueline George, Yvette Ingram, Nicholas Kilpatrick, Kimberly Kosa, Melissa Loudenslager, Stan Smith, Barbara Wertz, Kimberly Whelan, Carl Andrews, Joanna Baltz, Colleen Bensinger, Josh Berg, Richard Bertie, Brian Bonnar, Richard Burkholder, SR, Melissa Ciocco, Glen Cooper, Neil Curtis, Julie Emrhein, Jason Erlandson, Jamison Fiedor, Rebecca Fitz, Allison Gardiner, Joe Giunta, Matt Keller, Timothy Kulpa, Wesley Mallicone, David Marchetti, Linda Mazzoli, Jason Mensinger, Tanya Miller, Becky Mokris, Jocelyn Moyer, Cheryl Myers, Nate Nester, Matt Pyle, Kayla rang, Jody Russell, Jason Scibek, Jim Stricek, Mike Sweger, Jesse Townsend, Fafa Tsikata, Bob Ward, Kathy Wright


Justin Agustini, Monica Anderson, Kallie Balajthy, Joanna Baltz, Amy Barrall, Luke Beermann, Colleen Bensinger, Meridith Boucher, Nicole Cattano, Melissa Ciocco, Glenn Cooper, Mia Darbenzro, Scott Dietrich, Joe Donolli, Annette Donovan, Eric Dougherty, AJ Duffy,Eric Ellis, Julie Emhrein, Stephanie Erlandson, Jason Erlandson, Anne Erndl, Hank Fijalkowski, Jonathan Filipe, Jacqueline George, Jessica Gipe, Annemarie Guest, Aaron Hand, Andrea Harmon, Kyle Harris, Julie Hess, Kimberly Howanitz, Joe Iezzi, Greg Janik, Ashley Jarrell, Matt Keller, Alexis Knowlden, Krista Kulp, Timothy Kulpa, Melissa Loudenslager, Andrea Lucas, Michael Ludwikowski, Wes Mallicone, David Marchetti, Lindsey McGuire, Katlin Michaels, Tanya Miller, Katie  Morrison, John Moyer, Tony Mozeleski, Stephen Nemes, Audra Neumann, Janelle Nolt, LaJoy Paige, Ashley Pauling, John Post, Matt Pyle, Daniel Quigley, Kayla Rang, Adam Richmond, George Roberts, Amy Ruhf, Jody Russell, Danielle Schuck, Colleen Shotwell, Stephanie Sibeto, Bonnie Siple, Jim Stricek, Michael Sweitzer, Carmen Terry, Jeff Timlin, Jesse Townsend, Fafa Tsikata, Alex Villanueva, Brian Waiter, Sarah Watson, Greg Wertz, Tom West, Jackie Williams, Kimberly Windstein, Ashley Winkelspecht, Teresa Zepka, Ryanne Ziobro, Adam Zurich


David Marchetti, Chelsea Pasukinis, Sarah Wilson, Kelly Unruh, Layci Watts, Meredith Boucher,
Greg Janik, Yvette Ingram, Linda Meyer, AJ Duffy, Jim Thorton, Bob Burton


Kathy Wright, Jody Preische, Scott Kimbel, Amy Barrall, David Marchetti, Tom West, Greg Janik,
Scott Heinerichs


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